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Exhibitions Contact Details

Jubilee Mall offers businesses the ideal opportunity to showcase their products and services in high foot traffic areas within the mall. We have four exhibition courts available indoors, with one court outside the Mall.

Contact Person:
Zondi Mahlangu

House Rules as an exhibitor:

  1. No promotional advertising is permitted outside the designated exhibition space.
  2. The exhibition court must be neat and presentable at all times.
  3. No Noise or disturbance may emanate from your exhibition court, unless otherwise approved by management.
  4. All exhibitions must strictly adhere to the malls trading hours.
  5. No loitering, eating or drinking is allowed in the exhibition court.
  6. Common area bins may not be used, rather all waste is to be taken away to the mall's central compactor area.
  7. The exhibitor shall ensure that all activities on the premises comply in all respects with the Occupational Health and Safety Act No.85 of 1993, as amended (or its successor Act) and the regulations found thereunder.
  8. All excess stock to be stored out of sight, no stock may be moved through the mall during trading hours.
  9. The exhibitor will be held responsible for any damages to Jubilee Mall property or equipment resulting from the relevant promotion.
  10. The exhibitor may not have any claim of any nature whatsoever against the landlord for any loss, damage or injuries, should thee exhibitor directly or indirectly suffer any loss, damages or injuries caused through negligence of the landlord , or the landlords representatives or employees for any reason whatsoever.
  11. Centre Management reserves the right to stop an exhibition from trading should any of the above mentioned house rules be breached.
  12. Centre Management reserves the right to cancel or postpone an exhibition or promotion at short notice, in the event of any breach of this agreement by the exhibitor.